Set of both 35mm concealed hinge router jig & cutter



A preset router jig for 35mm Euro style hinges.   

22.5mm center, 5mm from edge. 

Clamps in place with the MFT style clamps (Bessey, Festool, Axminster tools etc.) with zero obstruction to routering area. 

The clamps are secured to the jig with with 4 Neodymium magnets for easy realignment for multiple hinges on the same project. 

The Jig is non adjustable removing any possibility of alignment error. 


Designed to work with a standard 30mm guide bush and a 1/2"/12.7mm straight cutter.


Jig dimensions - 100mm x 120mm x 16mm  




Key Blades straight router cutter.

For use with our 35mm concealed hinge router jig. 

Made by Key Blades and fixings LTD, UK


Dimensions - 1/2"shank X 12.7MM X 50MM



Please Note:  We have tried to make the jig accurate with multiple makes of hinges and backplates, but please always try a test run with your hinge. 

35mm concealed hinge router jig & cutter set


Made in the UK, East Sussex, England

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